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Brauerei Diebels is a firm based in Issum on the Lower Rhine that manufactures various beer products and belongs to the Anheuser-Busch Inbev Group in Brussels. The formerly independent family firm was taken over in 2001 by the Belgian Interbrew Group which merged with the Brazilian AmBev to form the Anheuser-Busch InBev brewing group.

A consumer mentioned, "Diebels doesn't have a great deal of taste for me. Quite bland. Would not buy again."


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Bus Driver (Current Employee) says

"Cut hours bad for bus drivers. Trans directors do not care. Racially divided between north and south. North is good and south is bad and poor. Fire the board of education. Run run run do not work here. Propane buses suck fire the whole trans dept and outsource"

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"Fulton County herds all special needs students together and they do not care if the students learn. The County makes the teachers ineffective by putting too many students in the classroom."

Elementary Teacher (K-6) says

"Treat Teachers like slaves...treat parents & kids like slave masters. Average 20 minute lunch, no planning period s or breaks in an 8-10 hour day, due to meetings everyday; slave mentality among Administrators who usually have very little intelligence, themselves.Some coworkers are helpful and kindNo teacher rights or voice"

Infomation Technology (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Fulton County for 3 yrs, and I was turned down for multiple positions and my fellow colleagues. We were all told the reason we did not get the position is because we did not use the STAR method. Although we were all qualified as contractors and we were applying for the exact position we were doing. We felt like we were just numbers.Cross trainingno opportunity for advancement, favortism, no transparency, overworked"

Engineering and Technology Educator (Former Employee) says

"No support or training for educators, stressful and toxic culture, incompetence, bullying, no integrity, no passion, no consistency, hard to keep good quality teachers"

School Bus Driver (Current Employee) says

"If you want to be a school bus driver you might as well not even attempt to apply at this place. Managers are horrible, petty and not helpful. Dispatch is the worse, you better hope no one hyjack your bus because you would be on your own. dispatch does not respond and will ask you to hold and never get back with you. The kids and the parents are the worse part of the job! The other drivers are rude and will look at you like to just landed from another planet! Dont even work for this county. its the worse! The communication is horrible, they expect you to come to work with the ability to read minds. then get mad at you when things are not done the way they would want to do them. I belive have of them are racist if you want to know my opinion.Holidays off, Summers OffEverything else!"

Special Education Instructional Paraprofessional (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Fulton County Schools for 9 years. I enjoyed my time with Special Education Students very much. The working environment at Alpharetta High school was not enjoyable. Co-workers would leave early and come late. Students would not be taken care of and left alone. There was nobody to inform about this without it coming back on me.The studentsno breaks, no lunch time."

School Bus Driver (Current Employee) says

"This isn't a good place to work! The HR Staff doesn't fully explain how you will be paid during the on-boarding process. They leave out the part about your hourly rate doesn't kick in until you work over 30 hrs. and they make sure that most employees doesn't work over 30 hrs./wk. so now they base your pay off of a base salary which is about the same as staying at home and drawing unemployment benefits! SHAME ON THEM!! SMH!!Time off during holidays/summer.Low Compensation, Split-Shifts, Poor Supervision."

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"Fulton County tries to put too many students in a classroom. The teachers have no work/life balance. You often have to take work home to complete unreasonable deadlines. The training is inadequate and you are expected to figure things out for yourself. You are often requested to attend after school activities and there is no compensation.Summers and holidays offstressful, unreasonable deadlines, poor work/life balance"

Technical Support Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I felt like management didn't have my back and was just as childish as people in the Help desk Girls in IT service desk were rude to callers and had bad hygiene."

Bus driver (Current Employee) says

"Your starting pay is $20.00 but you’ll never see it unless you work over 30 hours. Doing training you’re paid the $20 when you get released if you don’t work over 30 hours you get a BASE PAY... how this works they take some of your pay and save it for the summer..."

BUS DRIVER (Former Employee) says

"Unless you absolutely have to work temporarily to get money and to have health benefits, Fulton County transportation can be that place for you. Other than that the director has no concern for your welfare or your career path. The director is obsessed with trying to make sure that you make as little money as possible to get as much work out of you as possible. The director could care less about you ,your family and your quality of life! The pay it's not worth the aggravation. They don't give you step raises anymore. The director only imposes bonuses if she/he feels that the headcount is getting too small and that is only when she/he feels like it. The director makes it very hard to enjoy your job. If it was not for the support of the parents and the love of the kids, one could not deal with even trying to work at Transportation. Even the shop personal is unhappy! Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android"

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"FCS is continuously rolling out new initiatives and never allowing teachers to fully master their craft. Within my 30 year career at FCS there were over 12 different superintendents. New principals are not adequately trained. Board of Education has chased off excellent superintendents however, the head of HR continues to remain and ruin careers."

Substitute Teacher (Former Employee) says

"I worked as a substitute for Fulton and i felt very unconnected out there mainly because South Fulton do not have working computers in their classrooms and I found that to be very upsetting to me when I compare that county with Gwinnett County. They have buit a new board's office up on Powers Ferry from ClevelandAve but they can't put a computer in South Fultons' classrooms and they're wondering why the rate of crime is so high with the sliders.Cheap school lunchNo computers in classrooms"

Certified School Psychologist (Former Employee) says

"The changing environment and educational reforms make education an undesirable field. There is no respect for advanced degrees. Work conditions are poor. Management/administration is not supportive. No room for growth. Threats and harassment are not uncommon.See above"

Elementary Teacher (Former Employee) says

"I use to enjoy going to work. There was a atmosphere of family and children came first. There was caring as an integral part of the school fabric. The district has changed."

Special Education Teacher (Former Employee) says

"I did not last more than two weeks in a super stressful environment that I did not feel safe in. The teachers were awesome to work with but we were all overworked and stressed to the max.PayStress, micromanagement"

teacher (Current Employee) says

"The district is so involved in image and "reform" that it has reduced teachers to expendable resources. Benefits are the bare minimum and without Social Security"

Bus Driver (Former Employee) says

"Went here as an exspereced bus driver..buses are in good clean condition..pay and benefits were ok...never paid what I was told I would make at time of hiring. Management is none supportive to employees.. would not recommend working here. Gwinnett is a MUCH better atmosphere for bus drivers...EquipmentManagement"

Bus Driver (Former Employee) says

"Unfortunately the Fulton county School system is headed under the water... I would suggest you ask around before considering. As this is my opinion. Please do your research on this job before considering it.Free time to yourselfEverything else"

Customer says

"Beers damaged in transit . Happened a few times now . None left in stock so had to get full refund , I think a new courier is needed"

Mark says

"Twice I ordered beer on line only to get a phone call that they didn't actually have the beer in stock.... the second time the chap was rude so Won't waste my time again ."

Chris Smith says

"Still not received my parcel and still had no notification of when it will be arriving. Truly awful customer service, no problem taking my money weeks ago though."

Mike Denyer says

"Actually Beers of Europe provided an excellent service- it was unfortunately the delivery courier DHL who let them down badly. DHL only notify That they will be delivering on day of delivery so if you are out tough !! Still don’t worry they will persist and persist in trying to leave your very heavy parcel with a neighbour- in my case a couple two doors away in their 70’s whom I barely know and whom could barely move parcel because of weight 15kg. !!! Where’s all the Covid precautions!!!! Non existent!! I then had to try and carry the package back to my house !! So Beers of Europe change your delivery company- until you do I won’t be ordering anything further from you which is a real shame as you as a company offer a great service"

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